About SoftBums




No more Rise Snaps!  

SoftBums One Size Cloth Diapers are super soft
on the inside 
and super durable on the outside. They
are also extremely unique as they feature adjustable
gussets. SoftBums brand cloth diapers are the one
and only cloth diapers uniquely designed with the
patented leak protection technology of hidden inner
leg gussets that hyper-lock each leg. There is
not a chance that a blowout will escape!

Award Winning Diapers!





Why are so many parents switching to SoftBums?

1. FIT IS EVERYTHING: We stopped at nothing short of brilliant to invent a diaper that truly grows with baby and hugs every curve and fold so that there would be no pinching, red marks or leaks. You can only get this fit with the Patented internal elastic drawstring system that we use in every SoftBums diaper. It is the key to making the legs fit perfectly every time, on every baby. No droopy drawers for your baby! The OMNI All-in-2/Pocket is our oldest and most popular style with lots of options, and our all in one is the EASY diaper for super quick changes!

2. ENGINEERING: The design of this diaper took countless prototypes and testers before we released it to the market. We weren't happy until YOUR baby was treated like they were OUR baby with comfort! It's not just a copy of another diaper. This is an original design that has been tested on hundreds of babies to make it as good as we can make it!

3. QUALITY: Hands down, highest quality materials we could find to not only make a well fitting, comfortable diaper, but also one that will last for as long as we could make it! 

4. FABULOUS STYLE: That's right baby! We GOT STYLE! When it comes to cute, we stop at nothing to make sure you have all the latest prints and a rainbow of solids.

5. SEWN LIKE YOUR GRANDMA DID: MADE IN USA Quality Sewing is a real thing. They are real people, at real sewing machines, located at facilities right in our own state, and trained by us! 

6. FAMILY: When you join the SoftBums family, we treat you like one of our own! If you even have any questions, or concerns, we love to help in any way we can with our vast knowledge base for answering tough questions, down to our great social media SUPERFANS Face book group with amazing moms who's mission is to help other moms successfully get into cloth!

7. Flexible Options: When we said SoftBums was for every baby, we meant it! We've got tons of options of fabrics, from stay dry, to natural, in a range of closures and styles for whatever fits your family.