Organic Bamboo Wipes

Organic Bamboo Wipes

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Introducing SoftBums Organic Bamboo Wipes!!!


  • Softbums Wipes will make the perfect addition to your SoftBums collection

  • They are made with a bamboo organic cotton blend

  • One grippy side for the big messes

  • One softer side for a gentle clean on baby's delicate skin

  • Come in 6 bright, fun colors

    • Blue Raspberry - Blue & Green

    • Bomb Pop - Red & Blue

    • Fudgesicle - Brown & Orange

    • Lemon Lime - Yellow & Green

    • Orange Sherbert - Red & Orange

    • Tutti Frutti - Pink & Purple

  • Available for purchase in packs of 5. Choose from either:

    • Girly Pack

    • Neutral Pack



Other Uses For Your SoftBums Wipes

  • Diaper liner: Bamboo's natural antibacterial properties are great for your baby's bottom when healing from a rash

  • Diaper doubler: Great for when you need just a little extra absorbency

  • Face and hands wipes: They are the perftect size to wipe up little hands and faces after a messy meal, or as a super-soft mini handkerchief.

  • Baby wash cloth: The softness and size of SoftBums Wipes make them perfect for bathtime.

  • Wiping up spills: Keep these dry in your diaper bag and they are great for wiping up small spills.

  • Nursing Pads- simply fold in 4ths and they make a super absorbent, breathable, thin pad!