SoftBums Flushable Eco-Liners

SoftBums Flushable Eco-Liners

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- Makes Clean-up SO EASY! Just peel off the POO straight into the toilet and FLUSH! (not recommended for septic systems, but they biodegrade in everything else!)

- Lightweight, strong flushable fabric laid right on top of your PODS is the perfect combo!

- Quicker and Cleaner than Spraying!

- No odors or chemical residue so they shouldn’t create any allergic reactions.

- Made of 100% viscose of Bamboo a super soft material manufactured from natural replenishable Bamboo!

- 100 sheets per roll and each sheet is 6 x 11 inches. So, it's a PERFECT FIT inside a Trim SoftBums Diaper! Try one of these today!

- Ohhhh, so SOFT! Softest Liner on the Market!


Tried and Tested:


- "I love these liners! They fit great in my SoftBums diapers! They are easy to tear off and come in a generous sized roll! What better liner to get than one specifically made for SoftBums!!!"


- "I absolutely love these liners!! We prefer liners to spraying so we have tried many different brands, and these are by far my favorite. They are the perfect width, not only in my SoftBums but in other diapers as well. They are incredibly soft yet still durable enough to catch some pretty hefty stuff!"


- "These are amazing! Makes clean-up so easy and the job less yucky! The price is very reasonable too! They fit perfectly on my SoftBums Pods, no tucking or folding necessary. My new favorite liner!"


Non-toxic, chlorine and dye free, these liners make clean up easy and convenient.

No more rinsing poopy diapers, just lift out and toss. Liners also protect those diapers

from diaper creams and ointments not safe for cloth diapering and protects diapers from staining.



Please dispose of liners in garbage.

3 Reviews

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    Posted by Fran on Feb 28th 2018

    So much easier to use cloth diapers when on the go. These liners are also much softer then the grovia liners

  • 5
    Great for travel!

    Posted by Keely Ellis on Nov 3rd 2017

    I love having these in my diaper bag to use when we're out and about or traveling. They make poop clean-up so much easier.

  • 5
    Super soft

    Posted by Jessica Beckwith on Oct 11th 2017

    I have tried a few brands of liners and I prefer softbums eco liners. They are softer and larger then others I've tried. I love using liners for poo removal, it is super easy!