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SoftBums Diaper Features

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Mom invented, Dad approved!  

No more Rise Snaps! SoftBums One Size Cloth Diapers are super soft on the inside and super durable on the outside. They are also extremely unique as they feature adjustable gussets. SoftBums brand cloth diapers are the one and only cloth diapers uniquely designed with the Patented leak protection technology of hidden inner leg gussets that hyper-lock each leg- there is not a chance that a blowout will escape!  

How Do SoftBums Work?

Patented Hyper-Lock Gussets We worked hard to get the most comfortable diaper for your baby while still holding in all the Poos!  To get that comfortable feel, we have made the leg gussets adjustable from the inside out.  We did away with messy looking, fiddle-some Rise Snaps on the outside of the diaper.  Instead, we have replaced them with a hidden internal , drawstring like, leg elastic system that works like magic!  

1.    Patented Adjustable Leg Gussets

2.  Tough Waterproof Exterior

3.  Sizing that is Smart!

4. Modular Design

5. Super Soft Gorgeous Custom Fabrics made especially for SoftBums Diapers

6. ONLY Truly Adjustable one-size from birth(as small as 5lbs), to Toddler! 

SoftBums recommends prepping your diapers by prewashing them in HOT with cloth diaper safe detergent before using.  Bamboo fibers may need to be prewashed 10 times before you stop seeing leaks.  We also recommend changing baby frequently when your diapers are new to avoid leaks.

Soft on Baby

SoftBums are the Coooooomfiest diapers!  We have perfected Comfort in diapers because each step of the design process is done using our own babies as testers!!  Your baby's comfort is our main goal!

Soft on Planet

Why choose anything else when you can use something so effortless AND it's good for the earth?  SoftBums diapers save so much more than you even realize.  I'll bet you had no idea how much was wasted just making 1 Disposable diaper.  I'll break it down for you now.  On top of the petroleum oil, plastic, paper tree pulp, chemicals including chlorine, and sodium acrylate, there are also all the toxic chemicals that get pumped into our atmosphere from producing disposables.  Manufacturing just 1 single Disposable Diaper wastes 9 gallons of water.  Even after washing cloth diapers at home, that's still saving 63% more water!  Just from washing your diapers at home! Plus the water that comes out of your washer may be dirty, but it's not polluted!  

Soft on Wallet

We averaged about $350 for the first 3 months alone to but disposable diapers for one newborn!  When you can get a whole package of SoftBums for that same amount, you can save all those other thousands for your baby's college education, or even your own retirement.  Cloth is smart!

Soft on Your Conscience

We know that parenting decisions can feel like the most important thing in the world when one tiny human is depending on you for everything!  That's why we are so happy to help guide you in one of the easiest, and yet most fulfilling decisions yet.  The choice to cloth diaper vs.  diaper with disposable diapers can save over 10,000 diapers from entering yet another bulging landfill.  That's 2 Tonnes of trash per baby!  Basically the equivalent of a small bus is being eradicated from having to be buried because of your one choice you've made today to try to cloth diaper your baby.  We thank you, your baby thanks you, and the other 7 billion people on the planet thank you for your choice!!  Good job!

More Options

Welcome to the simplest system of all!  SoftBums takes the headache out of finding the Perfect Fit for your baby.  All babies are shaped differently, some have chubby legs, and a skinny waist, some have a big buddha belly and skinny legs.  You used to have to pick a bunch of brands of diapers and see how they fit.  But, we just made it amazingly simple to make sure that the diaper you buy before birth, will be guaranteed to fit YOUR baby. 

Can't decide if you want to go with all natural fibers, or the more economical ones?  Now you won't have to!  If you ever get tired of what you're using, or the materials, you don't ever have to sell your diapers and replace them all.  Now, you can easily just replace your Pods and have a whole new system.   

Here's how to get the MOST out of your SoftBums Diapering system:

Choose your Shell

  1. 1.     ECHO : This is the trimmest diaper out there.  (It's called ECHO because it will be the first one your grab for when it's clean, and you'll keep wanting to use it over and over and over) 
  2. 2.     OMNI :  The do Everything Diaper!  You can use this during the day on a baby 8lbs and over, and it has a bit of a fuller cut to it so it will fit older toddlers better, and chunky babies better too.  This is also the best choice for night time diapering.

Next Choose your absorbent POD:


  1. 1.     DryTouch : These have an amazingly soft fleece on the top layer which we have specially milled.  It helps keep baby feeling dry, plus never stains.  
  2. 2.     Natural Bamboo:  True to their name, they are the most natural choice.  In addition to being more breathable, they are butter soft, and trimmer and more absorbent than the DryTouch.  They are pricier, but so worth every penny.


If you are looking for packages that include both shells and pods, go to SoftBums Packages.



Have Questions?  Visit our FAQ page



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Legendary Leak Control

No more Rise Snaps!  

SoftBums One Size Cloth Diapers are super soft on the inside and super durable on the outside. They are also extremely unique as they feature adjustable gussets. SoftBums brand cloth diapers are the one and only cloth diapers uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of hidden inner leg gussets that hyper lock each leg- there is not a chance that a blowout will escape!

Award Winning Diapers!



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4 Reviews

  • 5
    Flutterby Omni

    Posted by Hannah Bezanson on Dec 7th 2017

    This diaper is beautiful! It makes me smile every time my daughter wears it. And on top of that, it works - it even contains the messiest poo. I LOVE these diapers and the fact that they are adorable is a huge bonus.

  • 5

    Posted by AnnMarie Jackson on Dec 6th 2017

    This print isn’t too over powering and a perfect spring print even if I ordered it in the winter! The toggles were easy to use to adjust the leg holes and after preparing it for use showed no leakage

  • 5

    Posted by Renee Lewis on Dec 4th 2017

    So much prettier in person.... glad I finally bought this print!

  • 5
    Flutterby Echo with snaps and Omni with hook and loop

    Posted by Keely Ellis on Nov 3rd 2017

    I absolutely love this print! My toddler calls it her butterflies. I have both an Echo with snaps and and Omni with hook and loop. I love using my Echo during the day because it's trim and my daughter is petite and I love using the Omni at night because I can stuff a lot of absorbency into it so that her PJs and sheets stay dry all night.