Our Story


SoftBums isn't just a company, we are parents too.

We want the best for your baby, because we use the same products on our babies!  Healthy living is not just to keep the integrity of our company, it's a lifeslyle.  Long before people were using reusable products as a fad, they used them out of necessity, we feel like we are just helping to sculpt a culture who feel that reusable products are just as easy and comfortable to use as the disposble ones.  Modern parents want to feel like they are doing something and making a difference, and we are here to support that vision. 

Sarah was a visionary before her time with a drive to make the perfect diaper. Never before had the cloth diaper industry seen such avant-garde designs and revolutionary performance. We are here in a pinnacle of changing times, where a mere 5-10 years ago, nobody had even heard of a modern, waterproof cloth diaper. Now today we are building a legacy to remember.




SoftBums loves babies and Pandas

Sometimes necessity really is the mother of invention.  

Legendary Leak Protection