We love it when our fans spread the SoftBums Love! Here are a few favorites:



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"I got a few grovia ONEs for night time, and while they work, they don't hold up as well as my SoftBums do wash after wash! Now that I have some SoftBums Omnis and see that they can work just as well at night, I will never buy another ONE again. I stuff my Omni with a bamboo & stay dry & they work great & fit better"


"I have some cheapies in my stash, but we are having issues with leaking.  Wish I could have all softbums!"


"I have nothing but SoftBums now.  Besides one or two gifted ones of another brand, we only use SoftBums. I love how they adjust to fit all sizes of babies!!!"


"We use only SoftBums!  We have a few Alva that we bought for using at church, but they just don't work well for us, so they just sit unused in the back of the drawer. My SoftBums are way cuter anyway! Lol"


"I am using Softbums as my exclusive cloth, but we use disposables for night and going out." Amanda L

"We use softbums exclusively. I could never figure out a good fit with the rise snap one-size diapers with all those snaps! SoftBums actually fit to the shape of my child so much better" Shawna


"I've been working on switching everything over. I've just about got it there. There are a few other dipes that I still like so we will keep those. But id say 95% of what we use is SoftBums now." Angie

" Absolutely only use SoftBums at our house! I did my research before hand and am very happy with my decision! We have a couple of other brands that we're given to us but we're not fans and I only use them ad a last resort. I've converted other cloth mammas without even trying" Sarah S


"I love SoftBums! I did a lot of research beforehand, and while pregnant we bought 4 different brands to "try out" (as much as you can without actually having a baby lol). SoftBums were far superior!" Briana

 "I had mostly all SoftBums, but now I want ONLY SoftBums in my stash! My mom changes him and prefers Velcro, but doesn't mind SoftBums snaps because there aren't  too many of them. However, a snap diaper that has the rise snaps drives her crazy!"  Dee




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