Rock-a-Bums Hybrid Disposable Inserts: 20 Pack

Rock-a-Bums Hybrid Disposable Inserts: 20 Pack

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The Disposable BAMBOO Inserts From SoftBums & Rock-a-Bums!


Rock-a-Bums Hybrid Inserts are the disposable insert you've been waiting for. Made from a super soft BAMBOO viscose, they're soft and comfortable on baby. And without a plastic backing you can use 2 or more of them together if you need to since the moisture can travel to the bottom when the top one is full. Stacking them together is even easier because they're so trim! We've managed to make these hybrid inserts as absorbent as a reusable insert, and around the same size, but at only half the thickness! That means it fits newborns just as well as it does a 2 year old, and without any extra bulk!


You can lay it in or stuff it in the pocket, either way Rock-a-Bums Hybrid Disposable Inserts are ready to go!


  • Made from super soft BAMBOO viscose!!

  • SUPER absorbent.. use one for baby, and 2 for toddlers
  • One-Size!

  • Use 1 for newborns or daytime light/med wetters, OR, use 2 for overnight and heavy wetters!

  • As absorbent as a reusable insert

  • Great for camping or traveling

  • Biodegradable! All materials in the insert break down easily