How do you start with Cloth?

How do you start with Cloth?

Jul 17th 2017

How did your cloth diapering journey start? Do you remember some of the questions and feelings you had when you were considering it? How about when you triumphantly (or nervously) got that first cloth diaper on your sweet little baby?

I remember a few lengthy conversations revolving around cloth diapers with my best friend Becky when we were first expecting. I was sure I wanted to try them, but unsure of just where to start.  She used a diaper called SoftBums. Seeing how she’d been so successful with cloth diapering all 4 of her kiddos with them, I knew I had to check them out! 

There were 3 main reasons why I ended up choosing cloth. 

1. Quality!  Best out there I've ever seen!

2.  Cost Effectiveness.  

3.  Baby's Health.  My goodness there are a lot of chemicals in disposable diapers.

After lots of research, and some careful purchases, I pulled out my little stash of SoftBums and decided to finally put them to use!

So, looking down at a beautiful little girl now 3 months old.  “Ok,” I breathed. “I’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to here goes!!!!”

And with that, my first born wore her first cloth diaper. I quickly sent a picture off to my mom and sister, “We’re doing it!” I typed, feeling both excited, and yet nervous about cloth diapering.

So, how many!?

I mentioned I started out with 5 Soft Bums shells, and I was doing laundry every night, so if you want any sleep, I highly suggest getting about 9 shells at least to start. Those early days, poops are pretty frequent and somehow those babies have lots of power to make it go everywhere inside the shell. (I should add  to that "everywhere except out of the diaper" I have RARELY gotten a blow out using SoftBums,- score!) 

You will be doing more frequent diaper changes, and using more shells at first. I wanted to have at least a two-day rotation in those early months, and so I’d tell my younger self- get a minimal of 9-12 shells to start out with. This should give you at least a 2 day wash rotation on an “Average” infant. I had mostly Echo, they fit best on Newborns.  But was so glad to have Omni’s to use too.  It was really nice to have them on hand as my little one grew super fast and I was able to use them after a couple months.  I would highly recommend getting a few of each Size and seeing which you prefer, as your child may be different and you prefer one over the other.

A couple things to consider with Echos and Omnis:

Omni’s you have two ways to use:

stuffing: the inserts go in the pocket of the diaper Suggested Uses: at night, makes the change a lot faster- can stuff more comfortably. Stuffing also makes it easy for others who are caring for your little one, to diaper change successfully- even if they aren’t confident with cloth.

Snap in: You just snap the insert into the shell without stuffing into the pocket. If you don’t have a heavy wet, or poop- you can just take the insert out at a diaper change, and re-use the shell.

Echo’s, you could use the shell multiple times if there wasn’t a poop or heavy soak, and they are a trimmer fit.

For Inserts:

I stocked up primarily on Small DryTouch Pods, and had probably between 18-36. Again, if you want at least a 2 day rotation, I would suggest starting with a minimal of 24-36 Pods. (I also had a collection of about 10 OneSize Pods, which came in handy as she got bigger and wet heavier.) I would double up with the Smalls, and lay 1 Small Pod ontop of another Small Pod.  Because, after not to long, as my daughter began soaking through just one. But she was never a real heavy wetter.

With inserts – you will have to figure out which is best for you, as each child is different. I would recommend getting a few bamboo, and a few Small Pods, and some OneSize Pods and see what’s working best for your babe, and go from there. My second born is more of a heavy wetter then my first was, and I would prefer Bamboo Pods for absorbency. (Bamboo is also a little less bulky in the shell- so, yeah!)

Ok, Let’s review: Again, this is what I recommend you’ll need, to start your SoftBums stash for one child, based on a 2-day wash rotation:


Minimal of 9 shells for a 2 day wash rotation.

Mix it up! Get a few Echo, and Omni and see which you prefer.


20-30 Small Pods (a mix of Microfiber and bamboo would be good, to see what works best for you and your babe. *I used mostly Microfiber starting out)

6-10 OneSize pods  - for when your little one starts to wet more- and you move out of that new-born/ little stage.

Remember: Every little one is different, so if you get a few of each to try, you’ll figure out which will work best for your little ones!

Cloth is one of the best decisions I made when trying to do the very best for my child. There are so many benefits, and truly it's not as challenging as some claim it is. If you're feeling like cloth is daunting, don’t fret! You’ve got this!