The SoftBums Team

We've been around since 2007, when cloth diapering was just getting going again in a cloth revival that parents haven't seen since the 60's! This time around however, cute and quality takes over, and hassle takes a back seat. New and improved materials like micro-fleece, organic bamboo, and other high tech fabrics are used to make a super absorbent, leak proof, and crazy cute diaper for your baby.

Modern parents create a new mousetrap.

Why would these crazy parents get into the diaper business anyway? Well, we tried cloth with our babies and became obsessed with how something so simple could result in such a great and easy to use product every single day for baby! It seemed so revolutionary that you could not only save resources, and save your baby from unnecessary chemicals and waste, but also SAVE MONEY at the same time? Now ball that up with the fact that these modern cloth diapers are not only more BREATHABLE than disposables, and cause less rash, but also, WORK BETTER at catching leaks!

Who'da thunk???



pic-of-sarah-at-work.jpg Sarah the owner is always busy coming up with New Designs and Fun Products at our USA sewing facility where her addiction of fabric can be used for good and not evil :)



Michelle Hanevold in charge of everything graphically gorgeous and customer service




Igor loves to pack your orders with pizzazz! Leave him a nice note and next time you may get a treat


Brian is the IT/operations guy and into fixing everything so we love him



Teauna has a degree in awesome and will help you with all your cust service needs!


Jem is our newest Rockstar of Cust Service and looves to help babies get intocloth!